Our service to clients involves partnering with them in dealing with workforce contraction in a respectful, supportive and yet commercially viable fashion. The client knows that they are placing their people with a team that values integrity, professionalism and compassion, thus providing the best possible outcome for the individual.

Our Corporate Advisory team comprises people who have operated at HR Director, GM, CEO and Board-level, who have a wealth of knowledge and local and international experience across a broad range of commercial endeavors.

All our transition programs are open-ended and tailored to suit specific circumstances and needs. Participants on our programs will find our approach personal, discreet and appropriate for the technology age. They are designed to guide people into their next career step, and also to go beyond the immediate timeframe and build “sustainable employability” and career resilience.

We work with participants and clients from across a broad range of industry sectors, including financial services, commercial and industrial, professional services, not for profit and public sector.

We are guided by the principles of Constancy, Dignity and Substance.

  • Constancy is reflected in our commitment to provide support to each and every participant up to and beyond the point where they take their next career step.
  • Dignity is reflected in the respectful, sophisticated work environment provided for participants and the intimate consultant/participant ratio on our executive programs at any one time.
  • Substance is reflected in the depth and tailored content of our programs, as well as the exceptional experience and ability of our team.